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Real Estate Analyst

Who is a Real Estate Analyst?

What is the salary of a Real Estate Analyst?

Real Estate Advisor

Who is a Lionard Advisor?

What is the salary of an Advisor?


What are the Lionard Assessments and how long do they last?

The assessments are selective-training meetings, tools of the recruitment process, that last two to three days and are usually held at the Florence headquarters. The best candidates from the previous recruitment stages participate, regardless of the role they applied for. Their purpose is, in fact, to verify one's essential soft skills regardless of the job role.

How can I prepare for a Lionard Assessment?


How can I apply for an open position at Lionard?

Which documents are required to submit an application?

How does the recruiting process work?

Can I apply for multiple open positions?

I haven't found an open position of my interest, can I send a spontaneous application?

How can I increase my chances in the selection process?

I have submitted my application, how long will it take to receive feedback?

How does the video interview work?

What are the criteria that recruiters use to select candidates?

I have a Zoom interview, but I can't connect. What should I do?

I received an email from your HR Department to schedule my interview myself, but I can't do it. How come?

I have to cancel my interview, how can I do it?

Lionard Luxury Academy

How can I enroll in the Lionard Luxury Academy?

What kind of training does Lionard Luxury Academy offer?

How to start an Apprenticeship in Lionard in Luxury Real Estate?

Working in Lionard

Do I need a bachelor's degree to work at Lionard?

Is it mandatory to speak a second language to work at Lionard?

How does Lionard differ from other real estate companies?

What is the salary of a Lionard employee?