What are the Lionard Assessments and how long do they last? - Assessment

The assessments represent the fourth step of the Lionard selection process.

After sending the application and a first online interview (lasting about 15 min), a subsequent cognitive interview in the presence (lasting about 30 min) follows.

At the end of this process, the company invites the most talented candidates to participate in a selective-training meeting.

This is an assessment that lasts from two to three days and is usually organized at the head office in Florence, in which a small number of profiles, which stood out during the previous selection phase take part.

Within the same assessment the company can foresee candidates with the potential to cover different roles.

The soft skills analyzed during the assessment are aimed to verify one's propensity towards team work, problem solving, stress management, changes management, individual commercial predisposition, and interpersonal communication.

These personality traits are consistently researched in every asset which is part of the company, both in the commercial department and in the staff departments.