Open positions

Real Estate Analyst

RAL 19.000€ / 22.000€
All offices

Junior profile. The Real Estate Analyst has to analyze and study the real estate market and to manage the process aimed at the acquisition of luxury properties sales commission.

Real Estate Advisor

RAL 100.000€ / 150.000€
All offices

Senior profile. The Real Estate Advisor has to manage the customer assigned by the Company and carry on the negotiation process to sell luxury properties, according to the Company’s standards.

Office Assistant

RAL 20.000€ / 30.000€
Florence, Milan, Rome

Junior profile dedicated to secretarial, office management and customer service activities. It works closely with the Management and the Marketing Department.

Sales Network Development and Selection Director

RAL +45.000€

Employee with medium seniority, in charge of developing the Company's sales network for branch expansion and of managing the HR team and the selection process

Administrative Manager

RAL 35.000€ / 55.000€

Middle profile. The Administrative Manager has to account for administrative and financial activities, to ensure that daily office operations are performed in a seamless and efficient manner and to develop a control system.

Acquisition Manager

RAL 50.000€ / 70.000€

Employee contract Senior profile; responsible for the development process of the real estate portfolio on a national scale and for the management of dedicated teams.

Sales Team Leader

RAL 42.000€ / 75.000€
Florence, Milan, Rome

Medium profile; the Sales Team Leader is called to coordinate the work of collaborators in the Sales Department. Monitor their performance and support them in negotiations with greater strategic value.


RAL 24.000€ / 36.000€

Sales Assistant

RAL 30.000€ / 40.000€

Medium seniority; the professional has to manage real estate visits (without delegation to negotiate) according to company's standard.



Middle profile. The professional will have to scout for the new Company offices, according to the expansion plan, as well as to supervise the projects to adapt them to corporate standards.


RAL 20.000€ / 24.000€

Medium profile. The copywriter has to write texts for the cross-channel presentation of luxury properties.

Social Media Manager

RAL 22.000€ / 25.000€

Middle profile. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for building the social media marketing strategy, putting it into action and measuring its results, adapting it to connect to the relevant targets for the Company.

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