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High salaries, professional growth and meritocracy: all the benefits of a Lionard real estate agent

Why Lionard


Our staff do not actively search for millionaire and billionaire clients. They manage them.


Our company always looks ahead, continuously investing in research and development.


Thanks to the IT systems that we continue to develop, we manage customers all over the world with excellence.


Our group meets people with extraordinary lives on a daily basis.

Value of our portfolio

- bIL€

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Our values


We are strongly meritocratic. Paths of growth and recognition are intended for people with higher qualities, more committed to achieving goals.


To be ethically correct, honest and inspire trust: these are the principles that guide our actions. We want to make behaviors and words coincide, taking responsibility for our actions.


We love what we do and want to do it in a distinctive way. This is why Lionard has been able to change the luxury real estate market, because we are guided by a clear vision.

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